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Physical Exam Specialist

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A physical exam is an important, routine test that evaluates your overall health. Many people get physicals, or wellness checks, once a year. Regular physicals are a great opportunity to check in with your health care provider and ask any questions you may have about your overall wellness. Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc in Valley Village, California, offers physical exams for all ages, including those for work, school, and more. Call the clinic or book an appointment online.

Physical Exam Q & A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a procedure or a series of tests that evaluate your overall health. Almost every visit to the doctor’s office includes checking vital signs, but a physical exam closely examines your physical well-being, going beyond acute conditions like treatment for a cold or the flu.

Scheduling regular physicals is important to monitor your health throughout your life. Sometimes a physical is required for sports, school, or work. Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc offers comprehensive physicals for all ages.

School-aged children often need physicals before starting a new year or going to a new school. Students that play sports in school often need physicals to ensure they’re healthy enough to participate safely. DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals are often required for adults whose jobs involve driving a vehicle.

What happens during a physical?

Depending on your needs, what happens during a physical exam at Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc can vary. Most physicals include time to review your medical history, an evaluation of your vital signs, and an assessment of your overall health. Your physical is a great time to ask the provider any questions you might have about your health and body. 

Your provider often begins by reviewing your medical history and asking questions about your lifestyle. These questions can include topics about drug and alcohol use, sexual health, exercise, and diet.

Then they evaluate your vital signs. Tests for blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature help your provider understand your health. It’s also common to check your heart and lung function and assess your ability to move, hear, and see.

For men, a physical can include a testicular exam, hernia exam, or prostate exam. Annual exams for women can include a breast exam and pelvic exam, including a Pap test for cervical cancer. 

How often do I need a physical?

In general, it’s a good idea to have a physical exam at Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc annually. One goal of a physical exam is prevention. Many tests are designed to detect early signs of chronic conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, and prevent harm to your overall health. Regular exams for work or school help keep patients safe and healthy.

As you age, your body changes and the type of preventive screenings you may need will change. Getting regular exams helps ensure that you stay as healthy as possible throughout your life.

Whether you need a physical for sports, school, work, or to maintain optimal health, visit Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc. Book an appointment online or by phone to get started today.