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Sexually transmitted disease (STD) screenings are an important part of your health care if you’re sexually active. Many STDs don’t have obvious symptoms, making it hard to know if you have one or not. Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc in Valley Village, California, offers comprehensive STD screenings. Make an appointment online or call the clinic today to get tested. You can also walk-in for urgent STD screening.

STD screening Q & A

What is STD screening?

Sexual contact spreads sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Common STDs include:

  • Chlamydia
  • Genital herpes
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • HPV (human papillomavirus)

STDs are serious, contagious diseases that require treatment. 

STD screening is a routine medical test to determine if you have an STD. Many STDs don’t have symptoms, so screening is a very important part of your medical care if you are sexually active. While STD testing can be a part of a woman’s annual gynecological exam, that isn’t always the case.

People can contract STDs through vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Both women and men should request STD testing if they think they need it. If you are sexually active, it’s important to get screened regularly to stay healthy. 

What are the signs and symptoms of STDs? 

Many STDs don’t have symptoms. It’s possible to have a sexually transmitted disease without showing signs. If you’ve had sexual contact with another person, you are at risk of developing an STD.

Some STDs do have symptoms, which vary depending on the type of STD. Some symptoms include:

  • Sores or bumps on genitals
  • Abnormal discharge
  • A burning sensation when urinating
  • Itching, irritation or pain around the genitals

Because other conditions can cause similar symptoms, getting screened for STDs is the only way to know for sure if you have one. Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc offers confidential and compassionate STD screening and treatment.

When should I be tested for STDs?

The type of STD testing and how often you require screening depends on your age, sexual history, and other risk factors. You are at increased risk for STDs if you:

  • Have unprotected sex
  • Have multiple sexual partners
  • Have sex with someone who has multiple partners

Everyone over the age of 13 should be tested for HIV at least once. Depending on your lifestyle, more frequent HIV testing may be beneficial. Anyone who has unprotected sex or shares needles for injectable drugs should get a test at least once per year.

What is the treatment for STDs?

Bacterial infections, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, are treated with antibiotic medications. In some cases, these STDs can be treated with just one dose of an antibiotic. If you need to take the medication for a longer period of time, it’s important to complete the treatment to cure the disease. 

Viral STDs can be managed, but some will never go away. Antiviral drugs help keep viral STDs like herpes and HIV in check and lessen your risk of infecting others. Genital warts can be removed to treat the condition. 

Talk to the team at Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc to learn how you can prevent and treat STDs. If screening shows that you have an STD, it’s important to talk to any sexual partners about protection and prevention. 

If you’re sexually active, it’s a good idea to get regular STD screenings. The team at Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center, Inc offers STD screenings and compassionate care for patients of all ages. Call to schedule an appointment or book online today. You can also walk-in for an urgent care visit.